Gear for Gifts: Send Someone a Crate of Doom

We’d love to give an Acme Crate of Doom as a Gift. Better yet, we’d love to GET one as a gift! Check out the amazing stuff in this thing. The crate contains 12 weapons spanning human cultural and social history. Seriously. you can get this crate delivered with a baseball bat, grappling hook, war club, mace, tire thumper, bullwhip, kukri, ninja sword, tomahawk, nunchucks, two-handed machete and a double bit axe. There is no one who wouldn’t think this box arriving on their doorstep wasn’t the coolest thing ever.

To sweeten the deal, the weapons arrive in a crate measuring 12 inches by 40 inches by 20 inches. When ordering, you can specify what you want your personalized locking combination to be, so that only you can open it. Purchase the Acme Crate of Doom for $500.