Sherp ATV Is Crazy Cool Off Roader

I like vehicles. Yes, I drive a car everyday to and from work and everything else. But our everyday car is not the type of car we dream about. Last year we wrote about the Ripsaw EV2 Supertank, and we’ve discovered another drool-worthy vehicle we have to tell you about.

Check out the Sherp ATV. It’s made in Russia and can go nearly 4 miles an hour, although the videos (on the website’s media page) make it look like it’s going much faster. 4 miles an hour is faster than a person can keep up with walking for very long. And with this ATV’s off road capabilities it won’t matter what kind of terrain you’re on. The rate of movement is a little confusing. The video shows 6 km an hour which is 4 miles. But the spec page says the max speed is 45 km per hour, which is nearly 30 miles per hour. Another site I found says it can go 4 mph in the water, so maybe that’s the difference. I think something is getting missed in translation there.

According to the website, the company first started designing an unequaled ATV in 2012, and has refined their design over the past 3 years. The newest version climbs over vehicles as high as 3 feet (1 meter) and at inclines of up to 35 degrees. “Geologists, oil workers, fishermen, hunters thrill seekers and discoverers” have all put the Sherpa ATV to use.

Price tag: about $47,000. I don’t know…I might rather spend that money on a really nice RV with a kitchen and bathroom. What do you think?

Sherp ATV

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