‘Survival Pod’ Capsule Designed to Withstand Any Type of Disaster

The “survival pod” is a unique capsule designed to withstand any type of disaster. At least, this is what inventor and CEO of Survival Capsule, Julian Sharpe, claims.

The survival pod is made of metal, is covered in an aircraft-grade aluminum shell and is lined with a ceramic thermal blanket. It fits two people and comes furnished with harnessed seats, medical kits, air tanks, food and water.

Survival pods are being marketed as structures capable of riding out anything, including a tsunami, hurricane, earthquakes, storms or other major natural disasters. The key is jumping into them quickly enough to avoid the danger.

Sharpe explains that the capsule’s goal is to help people “ride out the tsunami rather than evacuate.” The invention is meant to be “installed in people’s garages or on a flat roof and tethered to a solid structure, meaning the capsule then becomes your shelter during the post-tsunami phase.”

Additionally, Sharpe describes the survival pods as a time-saver for rescue teams so that it can “allow them to focus on the critical casualties.”

Julian Sharpe studied at Loughborough University before pursuing a career at British Aerospace. He looks forward to seeing his invention become a life-saving aid.

As Daily Mail reports, the survival capsule features two small porthole windows so the occupants can see what’s going on around them. There are safety seating with four-point harness straps, storage space (sufficient for a 5-day supply per person), water storage, basic internal light, GPS (Global Positioning System), air supply tanks, solid, watertight marine door (opens from inside and outside) and marine standard window.

The capsule is said to be an alternative to families instead of “safe houses.”

Preppers can get these survival capsules in different sizes; they range from “two-person capacity, for family homes, all the way up to a 10-person capacity, which could be used for businesses and schools.”

If you want to go all out, the capsules can be customized to include surround sound music and the addition of a toilet.

Costs for the survival pods haven’t been revealed by the company, but pre-orders are being taken on its website.

Image courtesy of Survival Pod.