The Northwest where I am is typically not known for harsh, snowy and icy winters. In recent years, though, that has changed and we’ve gotten more snow and ice days, which result in school closures, road closures and businesses closed around the state. I don’t know if it’s global warming or what, but the last few years we’ve gotten severe ice storms that have wiped out power to thousands of people and caused havoc on roadways. Read this post from Rick, our search and rescue guy, on what he has learned from the recent winter storms we’ve had.

I’m all for being cozy inside the house on a stay-at-home snow day, but here’s what I really want to be doing: riding on a Timbersled snow bike. Oh my gosh, look at how fun!


The Timbersled ST 120 has a 120-inch track and a backcountry ski on it. It’s the “do everything and anything you want on snow” bike. Snowshoes and skis are fun and all, but this will get you places you could never get on anything else. Check out the specs on this monster. ¬†How it works is you take your motocross bike or off-road dirt bike and attached a Timbersled system to it. The system incluces a front ski and a rear track system that replace the tires on your bike. You can ride all year. You need to get an Install Kit for your type of motorcycle, and then you’ll living your white powder dreams. Prices start at $5,300.

Timbersled ST 120 Snow Bike

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