TerraDrop Trailer For Serious Off-Road Camping

The teardrop style of camping trailers is a vintage look that is always in style. Combine a cool, old-fashioned trailer with seriously rugged features and we’re hooked. The TerraDrop Trailer by Oregon Trail’R is the perfect combination of real and rugged that we just can’t wait to try out in the backcountry.

The TerraDrop trailer is off-road capable, allowing it to be pulled by any vehicle anywhere you want it to go. Off-road suspension, all-terrain tires and a multi-axis couple make it sturdy as all get out, so you’ll want to do just that…get out! A large variety of upgrades and options from cabinetry to curtains make the TerraDrop uniquely customizeable.

Teardrop trailers have many advantages, including the fact that they are easily towed by most cars, meaning you don’t have to have a specialized vehicle for this. Keep your teardrop stocked and you’re ready to roll whenever the urge hits. Purchase the TerraDrop trailer for $15,000.

Price updated November 2, 2016: After this post published, Oregon Trail’R contacted us to let us know that they had recently updated TerraDrop’s base model configurations to include additional options that raised the starting price.