Travel With Confidence With a Theft Proof Bag

When we travel, we are usually keenly aware of the possibility of getting ripped off. Many of us look like tourists, although we may try hard to fit in, we’re the ones oohing and awing of the architecture and food of a place that the locals get to see everyday. We may choose to stay in hotels with in-room safes to keep our valuables. We may choose cross-body bags or keep our wallets in zipped-up pockets so we can wander around and worry less about pickpockets.

Even if we’re just doing something normal and everyday such as walking across down or on our college campus, we have to be aware of the possibility that we may be victimized. In a crowded city environment, someone could come up and attempt to slash through a backpack on our backs and we wouldn’t even see it coming. That’s where the TrustBag, a secure theft proof bag, comes in.

The TrustBag looks like a regular gym bag, with a strap and a cinch top, but look more closely and you’ll see it is a revolutionary material made from the same material as bulletproof vests that can’t be cut or slashed, so no more worries about someone walking up behind you and emptying your bag’s contents when you can’t see them coming. The bag is theft resistant, because the top cinches with its own combination lock, which also allows you to lock it to something, such as a table when you’re sitting at Oktoberfest in Munchen. The bag’s super soft material could be stuffed full of shirts and used as a pillow.

Inside the TrustBag is a water-resistant lining, so no more worries about rain pouring down from the London sky, or your bag falling into a puddle with your iPhone inside. Even the zipper is 100% waterproof. There’s more than water to worry about though, isn’t there? In today’s world, digital data also needs protection. Digital data from credit cards and other items people commonly carry in their wallets can be easily scanned with RFID. The TrustBag comes with an inner bag made out of RFID-blocking material, so your data is safe.

The combination lock is available in two options. The Abus combination lock is aluminium with an anodized coating. The lock comes in different colors and opens with a three-digit code which can be set to something you create. The Master Lock option is made out of hardened steel and opens easily.

To make this all even better, the TrustBag is 100% vegan and latex-free.

My only complaint is that the bag seems on the small side. At only 15.75 inches (40 centimeters) it’s a bit small for someone like myself who likes to take everything along with me. But when thinking about the function of the bag, the small size makes sense because you don’t necessarily need to lock up your valuables along with bags of granola snacks or your hair ties and mascara. This bag is intended for the things you really want to keep safe, such as your electronic gadgets, passports and other identification, money, hotel keys, and the like. Still, I’d like to see it a tad bigger or maybe with the option of a larger size.

The TrustBag is available for purchase from TrustBag’s site for $189.