Why You Should Be Carrying a Survival Knife

A survival knife should be on hand when a situation calls for a survival tool that is versatile, reliable, and deadly. Their simple design and quiet effectiveness make them an indispensible item in any emergency situation. They don’t require ammunition, they can serve a variety of purposes, and they are a self-defense weapon perfect for close combat needs.

Check Out These Extra Features
Survival knives are probably best known for having a variety of features that allow them to be used for quite a few different purposes. Check out the handle of this type of knife for some unique features.

  • You can spot a survival knife by its hollow handle. These types of handles are used to hold a small survival kit made up of any combination of fire strikers, fishing line, hook, a needle and thread, or matches and striking paper. Any of these can be a critical element in a survival situation. Give each of the contents a through trial run and practice using them so that you are familiar with them when the need arises.
  • On some models of survival knife, you will find the handle wrapped in cord that can be useful in several types of emergency scenarios: tying down belongings, stringing up food bags, combat situations, and wilderness first-aid just to name a few.
  • At the end of most survival knife models you will also find a compass built in. The benefits of having a compass accessible are obvious, given that the knife carrier is knowledgeable on how to best use it. Take your compass out for orienteering practice runs to get familiar with it. Keep in mind your direction and location in relation to important landmarks so that you can use the compass if lost or disoriented.

The Heart of a Survival Knife is the Blade
The larger sized survival knife brings a heft and length that makes it more reliable for tasks that a smaller pocketknife couldn’t handle.

  • The survival knife you should be carrying on you should be equipped with a sawback blade. It makes your knife capable of making larger branches into purposeful firewood or materials for constructing a shelter.
  • The knife’s usefulness in food preparation and preparing animal kills pretty much goes without saying. Just be sure to keep in mind that, just as with any crucial tool, a survival knife requires near constant cleaning.
  • Be sure your survival knife is full tang. This means that the blade extends down into the handle in one single, solid piece. A full tang survival knife will be stronger, more durable, and endlessly reliable.
  • When used for self-defense, a survival knife can really prove its worth. You’ll spot a quality survival knife when it has a sharp pointed tip. When considering blade design, this is an essential element for survival. A sharp pointed tip increases the knife’s ability to defend in a combat situation or for hunting.

You should be carrying a survival knife because it is an essential tool in situations that require you to complete a variety of tasks. You may not be able to carry much with you or may need to move quietly and a knife serves excellently. Crack open the handle for more supplies that can keep you fed, warm and dry, and headed in the right direction. The survival knife is a dependable and versatile emergency tool.