Your 8 Point Home Security Checklist

How would you break into your house? It might seem like a strange question, but it’s the best way to start the process of protecting your home from unwanted visitors.

Check out some other preventive measures below for protecting your home.

You can find low cost options that are effective. Something as simple as Christmas bells placed over a door can be enough to scare someone away. It also lets you know if someone is entering the home if you’re there.

Lock it Up!
People are watching when you don’t realize it. If someone enters the home without unlocking the door, a would-be criminal might be taking note of it to return later to rob the place. Same goes for windows around the home. If you need to, double check.

A member of the household may inadvertently forget to lock a window —  or purposely do it for easy access later on in case he or she gets locked out of the home. To further prevent your home being a target, install some safety glass film to deter intruders from breaking inside. This film helps keep glass together and takes much longer breaking through it.

Install Fake Cameras
A real camera system can cost hundreds or thousands. Criminals don’t want to be caught on camera and this will provide a safety net to prevent you from being a target in most cases.

Check around the exterior of your home for possible blind spots or areas an intruder might hide easily. Install small detector lights if you can in those spots.

Do the same for inside. Buy a timer that automatically turns on lights at a certain time when it gets dark.

Make Training a Family Affair
Assure that everyone knows the protocol. Each member of the household must be on the same page about locking doors, windows, and securing the property before leaving.

Camouflage Your Keys
Don’t hide an extra key under the door mat. Find a unique spot to help trigger your memory and fool an intruder.

Keep the spare keys away from the obvious spots near the door. Make the location one that you might go to naturally. Change the location frequently and don’t tell friends or neighbors about it.

Don’t Brag
Don’t brag about new possessions. There’s no need to make yourself a blatant target because you had an urge to let everyone know you just purchased a new snowmobile or motorcycle.

Be Discreet
Assume that anyone walking or driving by your home is interested in what you own. Even if they aren’t people just can’t resist taking a peek. Keep your windows covered and garage door closed.