This Pry Bar from 215 Gear Puts Power in the Palm of Your Hand

Understanding the 215 Gear EDC pry tool first calls for a look at how small, one-piece tools became an item many view as essential for every day carry.

One piece tools now flood the market in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are simply carabiners with a hex driver while others carry box wrenches, line cutters, different screw drivers and other items all in one piece of metal. Tools quickly evolved to carry as many features as possible in one small package. The benefits included light weight and the ability to keep them on your person while traveling (experiences with air travel may vary).

Unfortunately, there’s only so much a small tool can fit while keeping a form that allows the tools to function. Some tools place items that can create discomfort and even injury to the user. A one-piece tool should carry useful components while carrying a form that allows the user to employ them without worry of injury or tool failure.

That’s where 215 Gear seeks to make a difference with its EDC Pry Tool.

The EDC pry tool is made of 6AL4V Titanium Alloy. The tool is four inches long, one inch wide and weighs in at a tenth of a pound. The length, width and long clip allow it to fit into MOLLE webbing or sit flat in a pocket. There’s also an essential bottle opener.
The prying edge of the tool is terraced, which 215 says will assist in prying. The terracing provides a flat surface to apply force on whatever you’re prying rather than the traditional angled end of a crowbar.

The slim design of the EDC Pry Tool was comfortable and strong enough for every day carry. For bigger tasks like heavier wood pallets or crates, go with a longer and more robust tool.

Surprisingly, the EDC pry tool’s first terraced edge split off after a few tries at prying up a strong wood pallet (the kind used in commercial shipping). The purpose of using a pallet was to simulate opening a nail sealed item such as a crate. I noticed the front start to bend after three tries at pulling up one of the boards. It broke off after three more tries.

For smaller jobs though the EDC is on point. For a simpler test, I nailed a pair of two by fours together with a single nail. Even with the thin front end gone, I was able to wiggle the tool in and pry the wood pieces a quarter inch apart and free the nail. A few more similar tests found that this was not a fluke even with a longer nail length for the wood pieces. There are limits to how far apart the tool can pry, but it can pry well for a small hand tool.

If you’re looking for a versatile one-piece tool that’s comfortable for pockets and bags, the EDC Pry Tool from 215 Gear is the perfect choice. Want to learn more about 215 Gear and put their gear to work for yourself? Click here!