Move Fast with the Bolt Bag from 215 Gear

The Bolt Bag from 215 Gear is a solid, USA made bag that works as an E&E pouch on a MOLLE pack or bag. It can also stand alone as a get home bag for your vehicle.

The Bolt Bag is made of 500 Denier Cordura Nylon and is manufactured at 215 Gear’s location in Virginia Beach, VA. The material resists abrasion and also has a water resistant coating. The material did not show any signs of tearing when dragged on course concrete with two three-pound weights secured inside.

There was no sign of water penetration when sprayed with 16 oz of water across the front. The material seems like it would keep items dry in a short drizzle, but could leak through if outdoor excursions call for long periods in the rain.

The bag also comes with a detachable nylon strap with metal g-hooks. 215 Gear also provides a pair of MOLLE Stix for attaching the Bolt Bag to a larger pack or bag.

bolt bag
Packed with the necessities
Small enough to stash for a quick getaway
Small enough to stash for a quick getaway

The bag does not have any padding either in the main body or on the strap, which limits the weight the user can carry comfortably. With this in mind, I found that the bag best carries loads around five pounds. The nylon strap is two inches wide, which keeps it from digging into your shoulder. The placement of the tabs where the strap hooks in keeps the bag at the eight o’clock and four o’clock positions on my hip. The strap’s orientation keeps it from swinging around while walking.

The bag is 450 cubic inches (a little more than seven liters) and has three internal mesh pockets. Two are billowed pockets secured by shock cord and one is a zippered pocket that takes up one side of the pack. With a lightweight load a user could organize food and water in one billowed pouch and first aid and survival gear in another.

The mesh panel pocket can secure hold warmer items such as a hat and gloves and can also be used for a map, compass and other admin equipment. Gear can also be secured to the bottom of the interior by two webbing loops. The pack is also large enough to hold a light layer as well such as a fleece or windbreaker.

Ideal Uses
215 Gear designed this bag carry essential items while out and about and the bag is well equipped to do so. Its size and shape allow it to sit securely under a car seat, provided the user does not over pack. 215 Gear lists the dimensions as 10 inches long, 12 inches wide and 3.75 inches thick.

The shape can get warped if bulky items are stuffed inside. The bag fit snugly under the seat of my car with food, water, first aid and hat and gloves inside. I also tucked the strap between the driver’s seat and side console. This allowed me to pull the bag out while seated.

The bag also works well for adding capacity to another pack for keeping essential items handy. For military or law enforcement personnel, the bag can keep essentials for situations where rapid movement is a priority or for escape and evasion.

If you’re looking for a versatile bag that’s perfect for quick getaways, the Bolt Bag from 215 Gear is the perfect choice. Want to learn more about 215 Gear and put their gear to work for yourself? Click here!