5 Rules You Must Follow to Protect Your Home

You don’t have to be a victim of a home invasion. Here are 5 quick, no nonsense rules to protect your property.

Know Who’s on the Other Side of the Door
If someone knocks on your door and they say that they’re a repairman, maintenance worker, delivery driver, or anyone arriving for business purposes, be sure you have a procedure that you follow. Expect other household members to do the same thing.

Also, let companies that these visitors are from know that unless prior arrangements have been made, that person will not have access to getting inside. On a side note, when interacting with the individuals, don’t hesitate to ask for the identification and keep enough space between you and that person so they cannot reach or grab you.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings
In some cases, shoppers with lots of bags have been followed home. Ensure before you’re entering your house that no one has followed you. Keep an eye on things going on around you, noting any loitering persons near your home.

Be Aware of the Spare
Thinks of other areas to keep a spare home key. Don’t place it under a mat or under a potted plant. Be creative. Try placing it under one of the gutters with a rock shielding it.

Perhaps you can place a spare key near an outdoor shed or by a water faucet. Just find a random designated spot for it other than the ordinary places robbers or intruders often look at first if they’re going to commit a home invasion.

Form an Alliance with the Neighbors
Inform neighbors you trust when you’ll be away for a certain amount of time. Let them know that you’d appreciate them helping watch your home property while you’re gone.

Leave No Trace of Luxury
Any luxury goods you buy that arrive in boxes, cut them up and throw into tied black bags. Branded boxes give away the fact to burglars that some valuable items are within the home, making it a more desirable target.

Follow these basic rules and you’ll take a huge step in protecting yourself, your family, and your property.