Cool New Gear From SHOT Show 2017

We went to SHOT Show last week, and came back with a renewed appreciation for all the gear that is available out there. So much to choose from! Here’s a quick run-down of some gear that we found and loved.

SOG Sync II multitool

One of the most popular booths at SHOT Show 2017 was SOG’s. The keg of beer they were pouring had something to do with it. But people really were interested in their new utility knives. If you stood in line and made a donation, you got not only a pint of beer, I think it was Sierra Nevada, but also a free tiny folding knife.

The SOG Sync II multitool folds up so compactly that it doubles as a belt buckle. The clip can also allow it to be clipped on to a pocket or bag. Closed, it is 2.4 inches and weighs 2.6 ounces. It has 11 tools, from an awl to wire cutters. ($80)

DPx Gear Knives

We met Robert Pelton at SHOT Show and he impressed us. Somehow we had not heard of his name in connection with the war zone coverage he had done in places like Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq and Burma for Vice, Discovery and his own books. He wasn’t promoting his writing, though. He was promoting his DPx Gear (Dangerous places Extreme) knives. We were attracted by the beauty of the knives, and by the fact that many of them are made in the USA. Pelton says his knives are “not just edged tools, they are designed and built to be hostile environment survival tools.” I like this one, the DPx HIT Cutter in Digi Camo. It’s not a new for 2017 knife, but I love that it’s got a carabiner and a rotating, locking edge protector. The blade is revealed in a quick flick and the guard becomes the handle. ($196)

MEGABoom Supersonic Targets

Make shooting plastic bottles a lot more loud and a lot more fun with these targets. They are compatible with standard plastic soda bottles. The base pressurizes the bottles. When you shoot them, they go BOOM! Up to 150 decibels, the company says. ($35)


Savior Personal Defense Shield by Covered 6

The Savior Shield isĀ 6 pounds and folds up into a briefcase-like shape. Designed to be easy to carry, the Savior Shield offers NIJ rated Level IIIA protection. The Svior has a built-in pocket for stashing a weapon and an optional mounted light (for an extra $300). It’s made of waterproof ballistic nylon and opens quickly and easily. (900)

Thermal Vision Monocle by Flir Scout

Wouldn’t it be great to easily see in the dark? With this monocle you can. Whether you’re hunting or hiding from a prowler, or a law enforcement officer hunting the streets, night vision is a necessity. See at night in any terrain up to 550 yards away. The image is displayed on a 640×480 pixel screen in total darkness. ($2,000)