Looking for Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Outdoor Gearheads?

Whether you’re a man or a woman, if you’re reading this site we know you want the best gear out there. Valentine’s Day is coming up. Who wants a box of chocolate, I mean, really? A piece or two, maybe. But I’d much rather have a sharp new knife or a ram’s head bottle opener. Take a look at these Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your outdoor gearhead and let us know which you chose.

Vortex Ram’s Horn Bottle Opener

Vortex, the fine optics company, created a bottle opener that looks like a bighorn sheep horn. It works really well too. It looks cool and is fun to use. ($13)

Pine Tar Soap

My man has a big, full beard. It can get scratchy at times, even though I love it. There’s this soap that’s been made the same way since 1878. It’s literally made from pine tar and smells like a campfire. The soap–there’s also shampoo–conditions a man’s beard. People who use it say it doesn’t dry their skin out like other soap, it smells good and it lathers well. I’m lucky that a store near where I work stocks it, but you can order it online if you can’t find it near you. (about $4 for a 3.25-ounce soap bar; about $10 for 8 ounces of shampoo)

Rak Magnetic Wristband

I want one of these Rak Magnetic Wristbands for myself! How many times have you been trying to hang a picture or screw in a bookcase or something like that and you put the screws or nails in your pocket. Then you have to take your free hand off whatever you’re doing and dig around until you find the tiny thing. There’s a better way! This wristband is embedded with 10 strong magnets, making the entire wrist a work zone for holding small metal items. ($13)


SOG Baton

We already wrote about the SOG multi-tool that can be turned into a belt buckle. We heard about their new Baton series at SHOT Show. It’s not quite ready to be released to the general public yet, so this may be a better gift for a birthday later in the year or Christmas. ¬†They are small multi-tools with a minimalist design. They’re meant to have all of the functionality of a full size multi-tool but in a smaller, more discreet form. They’re more travel-friendly and even work-place friendly because it’s not so obvious you’re packing a bladed tool.¬†Shown in the photo is a Q1 Baton. This comes with a ballpoint pen, bottle opener, flat screwdriver and scissors for $54. There’s also a Q2, Q3 and Q4 with various increasingly advanced functions. The Q4 has pliers, gripper, soft wire cutter, straight blade, file, can opener, small and medium flat screwdrivers, bottle opener and magnetic ratchet driver plus magnetic 12-piece hex bit kit for $120.