Gear for Gifts: BackPak Buddy

With essential supplies in a user-friendly package, a BackPak Buddy is a great tool that can help keep you alive and nourished if things go wrong on your next adventure.

A friend of mine in my SAR team recently started BackPak Buddy. Each buddy contains 15 feet of 550 paracord, compass, ferro rod, scraper, tinder, aluminum foil, whistle, duct tape, carabiner clip and a user guide. This gives you the ability to make fire, boil water and set up a shelter if your next trip goes a bit longer than you’re expecting.

BackPak Buddies make a great gift for the dedicated outdoors person or for someone who enjoys an occasional hike or paddle. They also offer more cordage and features than a standard paracord bracelet. To top it off, it has a very friendly form factor.

The whole purpose behind BackPak Buddy is to keep people alive and signal for help when they’re lost in the woods. All the components are assembled and thought out by an experienced and dedicated SAR operator who knows very well what people need to make it through the night.

Looking for an excellent stocking stuffer? Check out BackPak Buddy and purchase one in various colors for only $25.