Gear for Gifts: Building A Better Keychain Flashlight

How many keychain flashlights have you purchased or used over the years? I can recall at least 3 that for various reasons I gave up on. One I lost. One was a little laser light thing that wasn’t bright enough to really do anything, and one broke. Another thing…do you want to have your keys jangling every time you want a flashlight? Not necessarily. Here’s to finding a better way.

The Beta-QRV2 Flashlights from Prometheus Lights will help you avoid all these problems. Prometheus Lights lets you use just the small, light but durable flashlight by itself by designing in a quick-release function. Made of 6061 aluminum, the flashlight puts out 15 to 60 lumens on either of two brightness settings. It works with AAA alkaline, lithium or nickel-metal hydride batteries (NiMH).

Its size is an easy-to-fit-in-the-pocket 3.5-inches long and .55-inch diamter, with a split ring on the end, and you’ll hardly even notice you’re carrying it at only .75 ounces. Not bad for $59, and it’s available in different colors including brass, nickel and copper. Purchase the Beta-QRV2 Flashlights from Prometheus Lights and check out the other cool flashlights from this company such as the Foursevens, which can put out up to 11o lumens with a strong magnet for mounting and hands-free use.