13 Nov 2015

Guard Dog Basics: 3 Tips for Training

Guard dogs are a particularly useful deterrent for robbers and home intruders, but there are instances when a criminal might get the upper hand. There are measures to safeguard from these types of situations. 1. When to Train a Guard Dog First of all, a dog that’s 6-16-months-old is the

23 Oct 2015

5 Rules You Must Follow to Protect Your Home

You don’t have to be a victim of a home invasion. Here are 5 quick, no nonsense rules to protect your property. Know Who’s on the Other Side of the Door If someone knocks on your door and they say that they’re a repairman, maintenance worker, delivery driver, or anyone

18 Nov 2014

How to Prepare for a Home Invasion

We could all probably say, almost down to the exact penny, how much we paid for our most valued possessions. The ATV in the garage, the flat screen T.V., and the leather couch, we know just how much they are worth. There is no way you can place a monetary

22 Oct 2014

Protecting Your Home in the Dark

Knowing how to work with the light or the lack of is paramount in combat situations. If you have the ability to choose a lighting situation or plan for it, you’re much more likely to win. Most¬†home invasions occur at night. Intruders are most likely to be in pairs. They’re